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I have been fascinated with ground beetles of the genus Bembidion since I was a teenager.  This large genus (over 1250 described species) and their near relatives are small beetles, but they have elegant shapes, and, in some, bright or complex colors. They are common predators on the shorelines of cold temperate bodies of water, and in some drier habitats, too.  I find them not only beautiful, but fascinating in their diversity of structure.  

They are, however, relatively poorly known.  Recent DNA sequencing and detailed morphological work has revealed numerous unrecognized or undescribed species.  For example, my 2008 study of the subgenus Pseudoperyphus showed that what was thought to consist of the two species, Bembidion chalceum and Bembidion honestum, actually consists of seven species. 

In an effort to increase the pace of discovery and documentation of these beetles, this website has been created to serve as a central repository of information about the group.  While it initially will focus on the fauna of America north of México, we plan to expand it to include the rest of the world's fauna. 

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